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Small Is Big is an attempt to observe, learn from and help grow the ecosystem of the micro, small and medium sized businesses in India. From the age old brick and mortar kirana store (neighbourhood departmental store) to the fancy and heavily funded tech-based startups of today, every small scale entrepreneur hustles, believes, endures and marches ahead on the quest for success.

Small Is Big will join many such entrepreneurs on their journeys, share their experiences and put the spotlight on innovative products, services and experiences that the world must know about. It is a platform for lauding the unsung heroes of the Indian economy – the over 50 million enterprises who employ more than 100 million people, make over 8,000 different kinds of products for world markets and take India to every corner of the world map. World over, economies have succeeded thanks to their strong small business sectors and India is no different. Manufacturing and service sectors put together, small and medium enterprises account for about 37% of the GDP.

Small Is Big will bring together stalwarts and innovators, disruptors and creators, voices of India Inc – all with the aim of creating a shared knowledge platform for anyone who wishes to gain from it!

As India turns 70 and marches into a new era replete with hope, strength of a millennial population, cutting-edge and new age digital technologies and the power of a connected world, small scale businesses will once again be important cogs in the wheels of our ever moving economy and Small Is Big will track this magnificent journey.