Picture Courtesy: Blackberry Design

Clear, Crisp, Concise!


Be clear about what you want to communicate. Founders often get so attached to their brand that they want to convey every service that the company provides – leading to lengthy taglines and verbose content in all forms of communication. You should be able to crystallise your brand’s idea in 4-6 words and hit the nail on the head! The uber-busy consumer today has very little time and even small attention spans to listen to your brand story. Clarity of your thought must flow into your brand’s communication!


Your brand’s communication copy should be crispy and crunchy and yummy like potato chips! Sorry about the food analogy (you might be subjected to many of these in future as well because who doesn’t love food?) but your brand needs to tickle the taste buds of your target consumers and for that, your communication needs to be crisp. Ensure that the words you use are easy to comprehend, conversational and strike a chord with the target group. Use some clever words, play with puns!


Verbose is out! The millennial consumer has no patience and wants brands that move as fast as his/her fingers fly on the smartphone. Keep it short and simple and to the point. Use the least words to convey the most of what you want the world to know. Short is always sweet! You have brochures, catalogues and websites to tell your brand story. Don’t try to push it all in with your basic brand message!

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