Picture Courtesy: British Design Experts

Got a small business and wondering what kind of a logo you need to create? Here are a few simple tips to keep in mind while going in for a design:

Choose something long lasting

A logo is for life – well, in reality you can change it but preferably not! It’s an identity of your brand that you want to imprint in you consumers’ minds. So when you choose a design, ask yourself – will it still be relevant 20 years from now? For instance, the “wifi” symbol coupled with something else may look cool for a telecom startup right now, but who knows what technology will replace the wifi in the next few years – given the pace at which technology goes obsolete?

Choose something simple

A minimalist design has more chances of being remembered by a consumer. A complex/cluttered design leaves little impact and attracts lesser attention.

Colours to collude

Your brand’s logo colours must go with the theme of your business. The theme refers to the sector or the product or the service or the experience that you wish to create for the consumer. Your USP must come across in your colour theme. Soft pastels or aggressive bolds totally depends on what your brand wishes to convey about itself. Choose the colour palette wisely!

Be Unique

Your product or service may be a me-too but your logo doesn’t need to be that! Make sure you design an ORIGINAL logo and not a copy of something that already exists. Go through what others in your business sector have already done and try be fresh and new!

Have Options

Make coloured options, black and white options, options on transparent as well as white backgrounds – you never know which version you will need for what purpose.

Varied Resolutions & Formats

Be sure to have various resolutions of your logo – high resolution for on ground events, printing banners and standees, for television commercials etc. Low resolution for small website images, email signatures etc. Have the logo available in .png, .jpeg, .eps, .avi formats.

D-I-Y before going for professional help

There are a dozen do-it-yourself tools available online. If you have a half decent design and colour sense, you can save precious resources and design your own logo using online tools and buy your self designed logo at a nominal cost. That said, it’s always worth it to invest in professional services because a logo is for life!