Entrepreneur decision to choose path to start up business succesBy Vikas Dua

As the Start Up culture mushroomed in India in the early part of 21st century and picked up steam around 2010, the human capital currently employed in traditional industries got a huge opportunity to broaden their horizons and join one of the many sunrise industries in the areas of IT, Biotech, Pharma, E-Commerce and more.

The possibility of a faster climb up the corporate ladder, the attraction of being your own boss and, not to be missed, the lure of fatter paychecks, motivated many a corporate professional to draft their resignation letter and press the ‘Send’ button.

While many took the plunge to explore the unknown and build their dreams, many still wait in the wings wondering what it takes to do so.

So, what are some of the characteristics that one should possess to be successful in the Start Up world?

  1. A ‘Zero Ego’ approach  Important to get your hands dirty and join the team in building the company ground up. Most likely, you won’t have the exec assistant to draft your corporate pitches or even that office boy who will bring you the coffee on demand. Be ready to brew your own cup even as you create your own future.
  2. A ‘Get it done’ attitude – When the stakes are so high, it is critical that everyone on board literally goes for the kill. There’s no corners that can be cut and no short cuts, as you make sure that timelines are met and milestones reached.
  3. Multi-tasking ability – You’re often required to multi-hat in a Start Up environment. Resources are to be used conservatively (we’ve seen enough examples of Start Ups that have gone bust after burning cash) and it works well to use your skills across areas where you can effectively contribute.
  4. Flexibility – Chances are that your Start Up may pivot, not once, but maybe more (Does Snapdeal ring a bell?). What you must be ready for is transitioning accordingly and getting aligned with the new direction. After all, being a part of a Start Up is more about creating a legacy than falling in love with a single idea.
  5. Resilience – Building a company is not easy. Failures are plentiful. What’s important is that you bounce back from those, having learnt the lessons and stronger and smarter than before. You’ll need a tough mind and a tougher gut.

By any means, this list is not exhaustive. If it were so simple, we’d have many more successful transitions to the Start Up world than what we’ve seen so far.

I’d love to hear what you feel are other skills that play an important role in such a journey. Share your views with me here or tweet @vykasdua

Vikas DuaVikas Dua currently leads recruitment for North Zone at Concentrix, a global BPM leader. He has over 16 years of diverse talent acquisition experience across service sectors like hospitality, ITES and education. Having done volume hiring, campus recruitment, lateral hiring, talent acquisition analytics and new-hire onboarding, Vikas is a well rounded TA specialist.