In 2011, Mansi Zaveri was 3 years into her motherhood journey and still restless and unhappy with the information and advice available on various aspects of parenthood. Being a full time working mom, she had limited time to socialize with other moms, physically review products or go places to collect simple information. On the web, she found that information was available in a scattered manner and what she wished for was a one-stop complete guide to raising kids and having fun while raising them!

The Beginning

With this thought in mind the Marketing and Communications professional left behind her corporate journey across industries like advertising and branding, retail and lifestyle – gave up her role as Head of Marketing & Communication at French Connection UK (FCUK) and set out on the entrepreneurial path.

“The aim was to build a trusted parenting platform that would guide every parent across the various milestones in his/her parenting journey. This includes food, education, shopping, parenting decisions, toys, stimulation, travel and more. The idea was to empower parents to make informed choices. is an attempt to make real experiences available for parents online in an efficient, enjoyable and effective way,” says Zaveri.


New age parenting in India

Kidsstoppress saw some clear need gaps unique to parenting in India because of the social and cultural norms that surround new moms here. In a country where tradition and “ghar ke nuske” ruled the way kids were brought up until a few years ago, a new found young demographic as well as rise of nuclear families and internet penetration have created a demand for modern parenting methods while keeping Indian values intact. From the way we swaddle a baby to the food we give a child to the shampoo that’s best for toddlers, the internet has a ton of advice ready for new parents on every little issue, albeit in piece-meal through dozens of websites. Zaveri wanted to create a credible, tech-driven platform that offered all the advice through real struggles, voices of real parents, lessons and learnings that other parents could use as well as a platform to celebrate every parenting milestone of its readers.

Zaveri says, “There is a strong need to simplify parenting today, given the Indian parent has the paradox of choice. There are too many conflicting opinions and he is looking at something that engages with him at the milestone he is at in his parenting journey. When we were growing up there were not so many opportunities and we were not competing on a global platform. An average Indian family of 3 or 4 is empowered by the mobile phone and that becomes their window to the external world, a world of empowered individuals. We would like to be part of that revolution. People are spending atleast about 60% of their time in front of a digital device and we would like to engage with them in a non-intrusive fashion.”

Technology + Personal Experiences = Innovation

Keeping technology at its core, Kidsstoppress has aimed at being different from other platforms in its genre by staying dynamic and using consumer insights to constantly innovate. It is the only digital platform of its kind that with a subscription model that entitles a parent to avail specials, access to events, exclusives and discounts on favourite brands. Some of its out of the box ideas include:

  • The KSP Awards that bring toward the entire parenting and baby care community and recognizes the best amongst them
  • KSP Radio – India’s first digital radio station for kids with over 150 episodes that address the curiosity of a child

Zaveri says, “KSP Radio was launched in 2016 with the Rio Olympics. I remember my daughter asking me what are Olympics and I had to back to Google and filter out the relevant information to give her. That give us the insight that there are so many innate curiosity led questions that the parent juggles with and how can we help simplify that problem. We launched KSP Radio with it being your go to platform for bite size news for little minds. A parent can subscribe for it on , it’s free and you can get the episode on WhatsApp too. About 60% of our readers listen to it on our platform.”

While revenue streams of Kidsstoppress depend on brand partnerships with notable brands in the parenting and baby care space, subscriptions and a soon to be launched curated shop section, Zaveri believes that it is original content that drives traffic to the website.

“We have video content with over 250 videos on Youtube with DIY, food ideas for kids, conversation with celebrity parents, experts, doctors and more. Our YouTube channel boasts of over 2 million views in the last year and I know this is just the beginning. We also have over 20 social native videos each month for Facebook and all of this is driven towards producing more original and non-perishable content,” she says.

The platform also crowd sources content but ruthlessly edits pieces to align them with a stringent editorial policy that resonates with the company’s vision. Judgmental articles or those breaching the security of any parent or child are strictly prohibited.

The Growth Story

Today Kidsstoppress is a profitable venture having grown its revenues this year by 3X of last year. What began with a seed capital of Rs 25,000 is today marching ahead to become a trusted parenting platform for Indian families across the globe and Zaveri believes that there is room for a lot more competition in this segment.

India is a big market and we are barely scraping the surface. With 29 million babies being born every year there is enough room. I just say, keep the consumer at the epicentre of your universe. Don’t compromise on the security of your readers and their loved ones by asking them to share their child’s identity on social platforms which could be feeding wrong users with wrong intent,” she says.

In the long run, Kidsstoppress has a vision to empower parents to make informed choices and just simplify parenting while letting families have fun along the way. All else is incidental!