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“I will come back so why be afraid of leaving?” wrote Former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee once. Unfortunately, he departed for the final journey on 16th August 2018 at 5:05PM IST from which there is no return.

As the nation mourns this irreparable loss, we give you 10 wonderful qualities that every entrepreneur can imbibe from Vajpayee to improve her/his leadership skills.

1. Warmth & Generosity

Be a leader who is loved by one and all – Vajpayee’s warmth and generosity are being quoted by leaders across party lines and from the world over. If you are approachable and your employees love you, they will believe in your vision and mission and be willing to go the extra mile even without being asked to. If you know an employee is going through a rough patch for whatever reason, offer compassion and concern.

2. Creative Dialogue

Be a leader who believes in dialogue – dictatorship will only make your best people leave the company. Some of the best ideas come from smart employees. Be an entrepreneur who values the workforce, listens to their ideas and encourages them to build the company like their own.

3. Love All – from allies to opponents

Vajpayee managed to improve relations with Pakistan despite the Kargil debacle. As condolences pour in from world leaders, opponents and allies, you realise the stature the man had built for himself with his sheer diplomacy, intelligence, wit and warmth. If you can maintain good relations within your ecosystem – with vendors, suppliers, customers, employees and even competitors, chances are that it will be easier for you to navigate the bad times.

4. Oratory Skills

What do speaking skills have to do with business acumen, you may ask. The ability to present yourself and your business in an articulate and engaging manner can help immensely. Conversation is the key at every step of the entrepreneurial journey – with banks and VCs to get funding, with customers to receive bouquets and brickbats, with vendors to improve supplies, with employees for pretty much running the business, with the world at large to tell them about your product/service! If you don’t want the limelight, hire someone to be the company spokesperson.

5. Create a legacy

While running your daily business, keep in mind that you want to create something that leaves a lasting positive impact. Just as Vajpayee was the Pole Star that BJP had, aim to be the guiding light, aim to create an institution, a legacy and work in that direction. Every. Single. Day.